Semi-precious Stone Mala Necklaces / Yoga Jewellery

Making your own mala beads, rather than buying them off-the-rack, is a fantastic way to inject some personality and uniqueness into your necklace – as you can select semi-precious stones which represent your personal values. Continue reading our hand how-to guide to discover how to make a mala bead necklace. Of course, this tutorial can be made more complicated by adding steps (such as pendants, stones etc.) but this guide will give you the easiest and quickest version, so that you can use your new mala beads at your next yoga class – even if it’s tomorrow!

Community Vegetable Gardens

Deciding what vegetables to grow, what soil to use, who can contribute garden tools, and Which irrigation system to use for a community garden are all questions that need to be addressed. Below, we will take a look at exactly why gardens like this are so popular, review some of their main advantages, discuss a few ways you can save money on a garden, and explain how to begin your very own community vegetable garden project!